ARX160 .22 LR Assault Rifle

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.22LR carbine with collapsed stock

ARX160 .22 LR Beretta Assault Rifle Beretta ARX160 .22 LR with collapsed stock Beretta ARX160 .22 LR with extended stock Beretta ARX160 .22 LR with folded stock Beretta ARX160 .22 LR short barrel ARX160 Pistol .22 LR Beretta assault rifle with short barrel

The ARX 160 in caliber .22 L.R. is the perfect platform for training purposes. The weight and the balance of the gun are similar to the caliber .223 rifle and all operating elements are in the same position. 

Besides mounting your preferred aiming devices, lights, lasers and bipods on the standard Picatinny rails, Beretta also offers a wide range of accessories that perfectly fit the Rimfire ARX. Magazines are available in three different sizes – 10, 20 or 30 rounds.

The stock collapses into four positions and folds for easy transport. Rounded and anti-slip checkered butt plate for CQB operations. Six sling attachment swivel points are strategically positioned to give you the most options and provide complete comfort and ease of use.

Dust and sand can turn your weapon’s excessive lubricant into glue, putting you in a dangerous position. Consider the problem solved with the ARX160, as it is engineered to require minimum lubrication, while providing maximum reliability in the most extreme conditions.

Completely pin free, the ARX160 allows the semiautomatic rifle to be quickly and easily field stripped and reduces cleaning and maintenance time.

Other features include adjustable flip-up rear and front sights, ambidextrous controls, interchangeable barrel, and a hard-anodized, laser engraved finish.

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Special FeaturesSix sling attachment swivel points
Caliber.22 LR
Barrel Length18 in. (460 mm) and 8.5 in. (211 mm)
Magazine Capacity10 / 20 / 30 rounds

Specifications subject to change without notice.