ARX Intelligent Rail

Beretta and TWorx Ventures have developed the first integrated power and data communication rail weapon design on the market - the Beretta ARX Intelligent Rail. It empowers the user’s lethality and protection while at the same time guaranteeing mobility and sustainability.

The Intelligent Rail was designed to address many of the challenges soldiers are facing in the field with primary weapon systems: multiple and nonstandard battery types, excessive spare battery load, multiple switches and adjustment controls, external cables, and heavy and unbalanced weapons. 

The mobility of the new Intelligent Rail is enhanced thanks to the development of a bidirectional power feed, which allows power feeding from any location on the rail. This provides for attaching accessories directly to the rail to charge, instead of needing to carry extra batteries. With minimal weight and less need for batteries, the rail will enable the soldier to be self-sustaining for a defined time period and to successfully carry out the assigned mission. Ruggedness is moreover assured and it is suitable for fielding in austere environments as well. 

To aid in the lethality of the weapon, a high-speed data system that allows for data to be communicated on the power bus was developed. This communication system provides for transmission of video and still images, as well as facilitates fusion of accessory data. It doesn’t rely on wireless communication between accessories for data exchange, and therefore works in an RF-jamming environment. 

With updated ergonomics, capability, power, logistics and data features, the ARX Intelligent Rail is designed to be the lightest, most intelligent weapon system on the battlefield.