A highly reputable manufacturer and market leader of tactical shotguns, Benelli has introduced numerous milestones in the military light-weapons industry including the M4, M3 and Nova. Benelli is also internationally renowned for the first-ever introduction of the inertia system, featured in the semi-auto dual purposes M3 and in the M2. Recognized as a leader in new technologies, Benelli patented the A.R.G.O. system (Auto Regulating Gas Operated), a revolutionary self-regulating and self-cleaning gas operated system with rotating bolt head lock, that guarantees unparalleled performance. Thanks to this innovative technology, Benelli secured the contract for equipping the U.S. Marine Corps with the M4 tactical shotgun in 1998, and has since become the official service combat shotgun of the UN Blue Helmets as well. The A.R.G.O. System is currently featured in the entire M4 family and also on the brand new MR1 rifle, adopted by police and LE patrols worldwide. Benelli products are used by armed forces and law enforcement agencies throughout the world, and Benelli combat shotguns have seen active service in nearly all the major conflicts in the last 10 years, in the hands of some of the most prestigious end users.

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