M750 Military Binocular Series

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M750rc, M750r, M750rc LPF Gen II

M750 series, Family shot includes M750r, M750rc, M750rc LPF Gen II M750r Military Binocular M750r Military Binocular M750rc Military Binocular with compass M750rc Military Binocular with compass M750rc LPF Gen II Military Binocular with HD stablized compass M750rc LPF Gen II Military Binocular with HD stablized compass HD Stabilized Liquid Dampened Compass Military Ranging Reticle

When tactical operations take place in challenging conditions – and they always do – these are the optics to count on. Proven on missions from extreme darkness to high-altitude sun, arctic cold to desert heat, they give you exactly the optical capabilities you need: mid-90% light transmission, image clarity from edge to edge, belly crawling toughness, even integrated compass, range-finding or custom reticles, and laser protection if desired. When your mission demands optical superiority, now you have it.

All models feature an integrated reticle that can be used to judge both the height and distance to a target.

Some models feature an integrated compass giving you the ability to accurately identify targets and determine bearings and distance to the single degree.

Available with either Generation II or Generation III LPF (Laser Protection Filters) to authorized buyers. Please contact us for details.

Offers exceptionally bright images in all light conditions, especially useful for nighttime ops. Crisp resolution and a wide field of view help you locate and identify targets faster and more accurately.

Product Options

Product options listed are available on some models. Please see the specifications chart or contact your BDT representative for specific model details.

Special FeaturesSome models available with: Mil Ranging Reticle; Military Specifications; HD Stabilized Compass
Focus SystemSports-Auto-Focus™
Optics SystemsFully multi-coated
CompassAvailable on some products

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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