T1042 Tactical Binocular

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T1042 Tactical 10x42 Binocular, shown in black
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T1042 Tactical 10x42 Binocular

T1042 Tactical 10x42 Binocular, shown in black T1042 Tactical 10x42 Binocular angled in black T1042r Tactical 10x42 R Binocular, shown in black T1042r Tactical 10x42 R Binocular angled, shown in black SUMR Milliradian Ranging Reticle

The Steiner Optics reputation for combat-worthy performance, toughness and dependability was earned the hard way: in battlefield and tac ops situations around the world. These tactical binoculars reflect hard-won experience with features, ergonomics and visual excellence that are unsurpassed anywhere, and rugged reliability that can survive anything. Whether you need a pocket-sized compact for your gear bag or a full-sized model to spot for your shooter, the Tactical Series will serve you well.

10x power and bright image perfect for sniper/spotters, border surveillance, patrol car optics and tactical ops whether day or night.

T1042r features the SUMR targeting reticle system, for a small, light binocular in a power to match newer 10x riflescopes.

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T1042 Tactical Binocular
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High Definition Tactical Optic
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Some models available with: SUMR Milliradian Ranging Reticle

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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