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Shown with 3-Rail system and 30-round NATO STANAG magazine installed

MR1 Carbine with 3-Rail System and 30-Rounds NATO STANAG Magazine installed MR1 Carbine (shown with collapsed stock) MR1 Carbine (shown with extended stock)

MR1 is the semi-automatic rifle that better symbolizes all that of Benelli: energy, versatility and reliability. The A.R.G.O. gas operating system, the safe hard-wearing locking system, and the use of high-quality materials constructed in compliance with the strictest industrial parameters, means that MR1 can guarantee high performance in a .223 caliber Remington. Easily handled, 100% reliable, hard-wearing, durable, safe, versatile, easy to use and precision shooting, the MR1 is perfect for law enforcement in all situations and conditions.

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Caliber.223 Rem
Barrel Length12.5 in. (317.5 mm) + 2 in. (50.8 mm) Flash Hider
Magazine Capacity30
Locking SystemLocked breech with rotating shutter, mains gas group, with short-stroke piston system Argo E
Operating SystemAuto regulating gas operating

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