Dual Beam Aiming Laser Pistol Light
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DBAL-RL, Dual Beam Aiming Laser Pistol Light

DBAL-RL, Dual Beam Aiming Laser Pistol Light, Laser Device, Black DBAL-RL, Dual Beam Aiming Laser Pistol Light, Laser Device, Black, Back

The Steiner eOptics pistol light laser series allows its operators to engage targets on a battlefield or during close-quarter combat in low-light and no-light conditions. Steiner's DBAL-RL, identical to the DBAL-PL, combines a visible laser pointer, an infrared laser pointer, an infrared illuminator, and a white light illuminator into one integrated all-aluminum package.

However, the DBAL-RL has an end cap that enables the user to plug in and operate the unit with two remote paddle switches. This capability makes the DBAL-RL perfect for the unique requirements often presented in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) environments where the use of a shotgun or short-barrel rifle are mandatory. In addition, the DBAL-RL includes fully programmable switch functions and has five programmable and independent dimming levels for each laser and illuminator.

Steiner eOptics provide the confidence to those who rely on them performing on the range and in battle. 

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Product Options

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Special FeaturesCo-aligned visible & IR aiming lasers, quick-release battery latches
Waterpoof/FogproofSubmersion to 5m (16 ft.)
Visible LaserClass Illa
IR Pointer<0.7 mW
IR Illuminator<600 mW
Laser ColorGreen or Red
BatteryCR 123 A (2)
MountMIL-STD-1913 / Picatinny Rail

Specifications subject to change without notice.