i-PROTECT, a step ahead in public security.

The i-PROTECT project is an innovative, personnel protection system, aimed at raising the standards of personnel safety and reducing response times in critical situations. 

Law enforcement agencies across the world are adopting new technologies that help monitor critical events and communicate vital information about the unfolding situation in the field to other departments. The i-PROTECT is a fully integrated system that incorporates these capabilities. 

Currently being tested, this system was designed by Beretta in Italy as part of a research project in cooperation with the University of Brescia, that was jointly developed with Intellitronika, a company who specializes in the design of computer systems and communications. 

The i-PROTECT system includes the Beretta Px4 Storm pistol and a special double safety holster using sensors that don't interfere with the mechanical operations of the handgun. The sensors are triggered by the pistol being drawn from its holster, when the hammer is armed or disarmed, and when the pistol is fired. It can easily be programmed to integrate other types of actions to trigger the sensors. The system captures this data and communicates it to the officer’s smartphone that uses an industry-leading safety device called ODINO 5 (Operational Device for Information, Networking and Observation). This application integrates the firearm to the control systems, transmitting video, audio, location and position to the Operations Center. The Center can respond then by sending the appropriate backup or support personnel to the scene, allowing the officer to focus on the events at hand. 

This protection system can also be paired with the smart shirt, Bzero-1. This base layer shirt is integrated with sensors that collect and transmit key health stats and body positioning to the Operations Center. Collecting heart and breath rates, as well as determining if an operator is walking, standing or lying on the ground, allows the Operations Center to better track and access the conditions of its operators.