Universal Refocus Lens

Night Vision Refocus Lens
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The Universal Refocus Lens (URL) is an innovative accessory providing operators the ability to rapidly refocus their night vision view from infinity to approximately 24 inches. This allows the operator to perform momentary close-in tasks such as map-reading or weapon clearing. The operator can then instantly return the NVG to infinity by flipping the lens back to its storage position. Night Vision Refocus Flip Lenses are specifically designed for use with many of the currently fielded NVGS including: AN/AVS-6, AN/PVS-7, AN/AVS-9, AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18, and AN/PVS-23.

The Steiner AN/PVS-21 uses the AN/PVS-21 Refocus Flip Lens.

  • Rapidly refocus night vision view
  • Designed for use with most night vision goggles
  • Attach to either side with the use of simple finger clamp
  • Economical, innovative solution

Product Options

Product options listed are available on some models. Please see the specifications chart or contact your BDT representative for specific model details.

Universal Refocus Lens
Legacy ID
Special Features
Works with many currently fielded NVGs
~20 inches to 24 inches
Field of View
Finger clamp, with pivoting hinge
12 grams / 0.5 ounces

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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