LTLX 7000

The Less Than Lethal project is the perfect solution to the challenge of controlling rioting crowds without presenting lethal force.

Traditional anti-riot firearms are typically lethal at shorter ranges and useless at longer range, creating poor accuracy and no guarantees for temporary incapacitation.

The use of kinetic energy to temporarily incapacitate an individual during riot control or peacekeeping operations is one of the most reliable and cost effective means. The new Less Than Lethal weapon system, developed by Beretta and Selex Galileo in a joint effort with the Italian Administration of Defense, is capable of delivering the same constant kinetic energy within a very broad range (15 to 70 meters) with remarkable accuracy to an extended range (70 meters).

Similar to a traditional pump-action shotgun, the Less Than Lethal LTLX 7000 is easy to use and has low recoil and blast noise. The magazine capacity is 5 + 1 rounds, and the ammo is light enough for the user to carry 30 to 40 pieces.

Beretta Defense Technologies is committed to the development and supply of means for law enforcement personnel to minimize threats without the need to use lethal force.