Model 2740 LPNVM

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The Model 2740 - Low Profile Night Vision monocular is the monocular version of the powerful AN/PVS-21 low profile night vision goggle with all the same features including sensor overlay technology. Designed for aggressive special operation type missions in any environment, it is battle proven and the most rugged system available. The patented low-profile design offers 3-4 inches less protrusion that conventional night vision goggles to enable a wider range of applications.

  • Sensor overlay technology, low-profile, see-through technology
  • See-through optics instantly transition to bright light
  • Enhanced situational awareness with sensor integration
  • Large, un-intensified field-of-view for improved depth perception and CQB capability
  • Eliminates vertigo and tunnel vision associated with conventional systems
  • Reduced center of gravity for great comfort and extended wear
  • Less than 8 cm in depth. Available in either left- or right-hand configurations
  • Ideal for high-speed vehicle operation, parachute jumps and aggressive use over rough terrain

Product Options

Product options listed are available on some models. Please see the specifications chart or contact your BDT representative for specific model details.

Field of ViewIntensified: 40°. Unaided: 165° horizontal, 90° verticle
Special FeaturesLow-Profile, see-through technology, Heads Up Display and Thermal Sensor Integration
Focus33 cm to infinity
Mechanical AdjustmentTilt - 14° on goggle. IPD - 55 mm to 8 mm
MountsQuick-release helmet and head harness
Weight440 grams / 15.5 oz
Submersibility3 meter standard. 10 meter optional
Operating Temperature-30°C to 52°C / -22°F to 126° F
Battery/PowerAA battery 1.5-3.6V alkaline or lithium

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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