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APX Centurion is the new midsize offering in the APX family. Featuring the ultimate cross between concealment and duty size, the pistol expands on the solid base of the original APX with a more easily concealed size.

Striker fired pistols are becoming an important segment worldwide for the Military and Law Enforcement sector. The Beretta APX, utilizing a removable serialized chassis frame, can be easily modified with a replaceable grip frame housing and is simply to disassemble and maintain. The lightweight frame housing is made of fiberglass-reinforced technopolymer. The APX's extremely low profile and snag free design makes it easy to carry and draw from a holster. 

Ease of use was the key driver in the development of the APX. A slide catch lever is located on both sides of the frame. The operating/locking system is based on a tilt-barrel, locked breech. Beretta APX pistols have a unique feature that allows the user to deactivate the internal striker mechanism prior to disassembly. This means the pistol can be field stripped without pulling the trigger. The trigger safety stops the trigger from traveling rearward through inertia, in the event the pistol is dropped. When the trigger is intentionally pulled, the trigger safety is instantly deactivated. 

Frame safety, magazine safety, and a loaded chamber indicator are available on request. To accommodate right or left-handed use, the APX's magazine release button can be easily reversed. The high-definition 3-dot sight system is designed for quick target acquisition. The sights can be removed for replacement with other types of sights. Thanks to a newly patented modular system, the pistol adapts to different hand sizes with interchangeable back-straps of different thickness and configuration for individualized performance.

Product Options

Product options listed are available on some models. Please see the specifications chart or contact your BDT representative for specific model details.

APX Centurion 9mm
APX Centurion .40 S&W
Legacy ID
9 mm
.40 mm
Magazine Capacity
Overall Length
6.97 in. / 177 mm
6.97 in. / 177 mm
Barrel Length
3.7 in. / 94 mm
3.7 in. / 94 mm
Overall Width
1.30 in/ 33 mm
1.30 in/ 33 mm
Overall Height
5.19 in. / 132 mm
5.19 in. / 132 mm
Sight Radius
5.7 in. / 145 mm
5.7 in. / 145 mm

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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