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for 92 FS, 92 A1 and Px4 Storm
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Px4 Storm training pistol
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Px4 Storm training pistol

Px4 Storm training pistol 92 A1 training pistol 92 FS training pistol

Tecnopolymer replica guns are used to train gun handling in full safety. This new concept of Beretta Training Gun forces a significant step to train in a critical action with a magazine change. 

Beretta Training Gun is supplied with two different magazine. One stimulates the weight of a full magazine and the other simulates the weight of an empty magazine. 

Tecnopolymer magazine are completely interchangeable with genuine magazines. This means that technopolymer guns can be used on the real gun and vice versa, in full safety. 

This training tool is available in the 92 A1, 92 FS and Px4 Storm models. 

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