Research & Development

Expertise honed over centuries, focused in seconds. 

As one of the principal aims of BDT, to be a one-stop reference point comprising of experts in their fields who are able to listen to your requirements, survey any given situation and match operational needs with state-of-the-art technology and armaments available, a commitment to maintaining the lead in advanced technology, services and products is still a top priority. With this as the focus, a strong Research & Development (R&D) department, and numerous programs of cooperation with leading companies in cutting-edge technologies and universities, has been formed and gives BDT a powerful advantage in the race for market leadership.

With this robust R&D department, and strong industry relationships, BDT is able to improve upon existing weapons and equipment, as well as develop new products and systems, that provide scenario-specific solutions for combat and policing. Such solutions include: the i-PROTECT personnel protection system; the ARX Intelligent Rail integrated power and data communication rail weapon; the battle-proven semi-automatic combat shotgun, the Benelli M4; and the Less Than Lethal LTLX 7000 anti-riot firearm capable of minimizing threats without using lethal force.

BDT is committed to continuing its mission of providing the most cutting-edge, innovative solutions in weapons and equipment to those who need it the most - those who protect us.