M5Xi Military 1-5x24 Rifle Scope

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M5Xi Military 1-5x24 Rifle Scope

M5Xi Military 1-5x24 Rifle Scope, angled M5Xi Military 1-5x24 Rifle Scope Rapid Dot 5.56 Reticle Rapid Dot 7.62 Reticle

The German-made M5Xi series features world-class engineering and optical systems, built to strict military specs and precisely crafted for victory–on the battlefield, or in competition. The 1-5x is for marksmen rifles, patrol rifles and AR/M4 platforms, with true eyes-open 1x magnification, and 5x zoom to locate targets at longer distances.

Close-combat scope with 30 mm tube, Rapid Dot reticle calibrated in either 5.56 or 7.62, true 1x eyes open capability for situational awareness and 5x power to engage distant targets.

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Product Options

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Objective Lens> 1 in. (24 mm)
Special FeaturesAdjustable Knobs 100% Sealed
Illumination ControlRotary Digital Control with Intermediate Stops
Focal Plane2nd
Tube Diameter1.2 in. (30 mm)
Elevation Adjustment KnobResettable Zero
Waterpoof/FogproofSubmersible to 10m (32.8 ft.)
ReticleRapid Dot 5.56Rapid Dot 7.62
Turret Spin DirectionClockwiseCounter Clockwise
BatteryCR 2450

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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