Star Beacon

Thermal IFF Beacon
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The Star Beacon is a state of the art thermal IFF beacon that is undetectable by the naked eye, night vision goggles or commercial video cameras. It is visible to MWIR targeting pods for up to 8 nautical miles (15 km). Small with a low-profile that easily mounts to helmets and vehicles.

  • Positive ID of blue force assets from air and ground thermal imaging systems
  • Multiple STAR beacons can be synchronized to flash in unison
  • Battery pack with six CR123 batteries provides a minimum of 5 hours of continuous use.
  • External power connector for 12 to 32 volts DC.
  • Full hemispherical divergence for visibility from horizon to zenith


Product Options

Product options listed are available on some models. Please see the specifications chart or contact your BDT representative for specific model details.

MountHelmet and vehicle mounts
Battery PowerExternal battery pack with six CR123, also can be wired 12 to 32 VDC
Available Spectral ModesMWIR
SynchronizationMultiple Star Beacons can be synchronized
Detection Distance/Range Visible to MWIR pods up to 15 km
Battery Life5+ hours of continuous use
Thermal Detection Direction Fully Hemispherical

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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