Modern weapon systems, when combined with today's complex rules of engagement, require the individual law enforcement officer or soldier to be able to both clearly observe and precisely aim in all environmental and lighting conditions in order to maximize efficiency and minimize the danger of unintended casualties. Steiner Optics, Beretta Defense Technologies optical solutions arm, has been entrusted to provide the highest level of quality optics and aiming solutions by leading defense and enforcement organizations. Additionally, Steiner is trusted by seafaring professionals the world over to provide trusted, durable and crystal clear optics. Proven to the highest standard of durability, reliability and clarity by the most demanding military customer in the world, Steiner Optics is a trusted partner in the harshest of environments.

In order to better fulfill it's "any condition, any lighting" objective, in 2013 Steiner Optics expanded with the acquisition of Laser Devices, Inc. Founded in 1979, Laser Devices is the original pathfinder in small arms visible and infrared laser aiming and illumination technology. Steiner has continued and expanded on this legacy through expansion of our capabilities, codified in the evolution of Laser Devices into Steiner eOpticsĀ®; allowing for the full integration of optical, thermal, IR, and laser aiming and illumination into a true full spectrum capabilities system.

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