Mx4 Storm Submachine Gun

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Mx4 Storm Submachine Gun, Black, Facing Right
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Mx4 Storm Submachine Gun

Mx4 Storm Submachine Gun, Black, Facing Right Mx4 Storm Submachine Gun, Black, Facing Left

The Beretta Mx4 Storm submachine gun, simple to use, is a defense and Law Enforcement firearm ideal for professional use by police force and special troops. Thanks to its incredible comfortable handling, the Mx4 Storm is especially indicated for use in narrow and space-limited places. Extensive use of technopolymers has allowed the development of a light and technically advanced firearm as well as equipping it with very modern an ergonomic lines. Its rounded forms are snag free, facilitating handling and rapid shouldering and aiming. Designed with ambidextrous controls and made for extremely quick and simple field stripping, the Mx4 Storm is a firearm of choice for superior performance, versatility, reliability, and safety. 

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Item Number/SKU
Mx4 Storm Submachine Gun
Legacy ID
Magazine Capacity
15, 17, 20, and 30 rounds
Barrel Length
12 in. (312 mm)
Weight (Unloaded)
5.47 lbs (2.48 kg)
Locking System
Operating System
Semiauto-full auto

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